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I often get compliments for the way I apply my liquid eyeliner to get the cat eye look. I don’t use any tricks, just the old adage, “Practice makes perfect,” but it took years to master. I remember my early days of applying liquid eyeliner: I had more hits than misses, and I ended up looking like Amy Winehouse (bless her soul) because I kept trying to correct my mistakes by thickening the liner.

If you’re a beginner, here’s an easy way to get the perfect winged tip using your favorite liquid or gel liner, plus our magic beauty tool: a piece of scotch tape!


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Photos by Roanne Aujero

Kate Alvarez

Kate Alvarez

Writer, editor, and commercial model, Kate is the curl ambassador of BDJBox. She brings a fresh and adventurous perspective on beauty, especially when it comes to curl-friendly hair products! Read about her travel adventures and quirky lifestyle at
Kate Alvarez

Comments (4)

  1. Same here Lourd. It’s a lot easier now…=)

  2. I find it hard to perfect my cat eye, i bet, it’ll be easy from now on!

  3. Hooray Bernadette! Yes, do it please. We want to see your perfect cat eye! =)

  4. The steps are very simple and easy. Am already excited to try this! 🙂

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