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Bonjour, BDJ Box Beauty!

Thank you for visiting BDJ Box website! We would like you to read through our “Terms of Use” and important “Conditions” you need to abide by while accessing, browsing, and subscribing to our products and website. Should you agree to these Terms and Conditions, be our guest in visiting and browsing our website ― you are given personal, limited, non-transferable, non-exclusive chance to use the BDJ Box website. In lieu, BDJ Box Team reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions anytime without prior notice. Our team also reserves the right and responsibility to change products/services and its availability, discontinue, postpone, delay any aspect of the BDJ Box website without being liable to you or any third party having website changes. Thus, we encourage that you review these each time you use our website.

1. Site Use

We acknowledge that all members MUST NOT use this site for such purposes:

• Invading, intruding confidentiality and privacy rights of the other members.

• Hacking and invading the security premises of BDJ Box website for any reason.

• Posting and publicizing information/materials that are untrue, inaccurate, offensive to the BDJ Box website and its community (including all the members/subscribers), not personally owned or without intellectual property rights.

• Commercializing the site and its community for personal reasons that are not relevant and related to the website and its members.

Every member is required to be responsible for the confidentiality and security of account information/details (i.e password). Loss and/or unauthorized use of a particular account should immediately be brought to the BDJ Box Team for further and immediate investigation and resolution. All visitors and members of the BDJ Box site are required to comply with the Terms and Conditions given by the BDJ Box Team.

2. Membership

Those who want to be members must provide BDJ Box all the information being required. It is required that a member be 18 y/o and above before creating an account. The BDJ Box team reserves the right to immediately act upon any proven violation of Terms and Conditions and falsification of information on the website ―it will be subject for suspension or total removal of account and right to use the website.

3. Community

BDJ Box reserves the right to remove and ban content/information submitted and/or posted on the website if proven and viewed as offensive, violating, and irrelevant. Every member who has access to the community must follow the Community Guidelines as stated on Community Guidelines page. We require all the members to maintain respect and privacy of other members. Sensitive issues and confidential information/concerns must not be part of the content being posted. Any irrelevant and unrelated content to the BDJ Box will be subject to approval and removal of the BDJ Box Team.

4. Content and Proprietary Rights

BDJ Box Team forwards originality, copy rights, patent, and intellectual rights, thus, contents ―materials, images, texts, videos, graphics, trademarks, logos, button icons, and other information used on the website― coming from the team are either bought, personally produced/owned, and legally owned. For the links of other websites posted or mentioned by our Team, we hold no warranties. These links are provided for convenience of searching and easy viewing of the related aspects of the BDJ Box. In addition, we require all the members to do the same thing in posting, submitting and sharing any information and/or material.

5. Disclaimers

• All members and visitors MUST assume all the responsibility and respect to the Site Use according to the Terms and Conditions.

• BDJ Box Team does not use non-BDJ Box links to endorse or guarantee products/services from that site.

• BDJ Box Team does not take responsibility of the information given by a member to any non-BDJ Box link posted on BDJ Box site. This is subject to the decision of the member.

6. BDJ Box Liability Limitations

The Team or any employee in charge with the BDJ Box site will hold no liability to any user, subscriber, and visitor for any special, direct/indirect damages (i.e loss of information) as a result of irresponsible and unauthorized act done by the user, subscriber, and visitor regardless if the BDJ Box Team has been advised prior to the actual damages/losses.

All the users, subscribers, and visitors should hereby acknowledge the Teams’ and its officers or employees liability limitations.

Please check our Privacy Policy Page to know how BDJ Box Personally Identifiable Information collected about you.