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Spend more time having fun under the sun and less hours primping in front of the mirror with our lazy girl’s guide to chic summer hair.

Easy, breezy bohemian plaits perfect for a music festival!

Step 1

After washing your hair with L'Oréal Paris Nutrigloss Light Shampoo, blow dry hair until damp.

Step 2

Once damp, apply a pea-sized amount of My Amazing Repair and Shine Secret to your hair and work the product from root to tips. Love that this serves as a leave-in conditioner making my hair shiny and manages the possible frizz sitch of my hair due to this hot weather haha!

Step 3

Part hair in the middle with wide tooth comb.

Step 4

Do one side first by dividing into three sections: Cross the left most section over the middle part and position in between the middle and right most section. Do the same for the right most section and repeat until you reach desired length. Secure with a hair tie for now.

Step 5

I like to loosen the braids to create that effortless chic, undone look.

Step 6

Do the same for the other side. Secure the braids by pinning both at the back.

Amp up the look for a party or if you have a little more prep time by working those beach waves through the rest of your hair! But for a simple and quick hair pick me upper perfect for work and play, this easy three-strand weave will do the trick!

Photos by Ozzy Lavina


Bianca Santiago-Reinoso

Bianca Santiago-Reinoso

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Bianca Santiago-Reinoso

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