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I really, really always need to have a red lipstick. Red lipsticks will never get you wrong and would always be your lifesaver when you are too casual for any event that you suddenly need to attend! I always have a nude, light pink and 2 choices of red lipsticks in my bag for I would never know when someone or something will come up throughout the whole day that I have to get ready for. But lately, I’ve been having the dilemma of bringing my fave lipsticks that are of great value for the hot weather is making my lipsticks moist and I don’t want them to just melt in my bag. So I decided to hunt for alternative back up lipsticks in my bag that would not cost me a fortune but are of great shades like the ones that I have in my bag that are too expensive to be bag backups. 

I recently looked into local brands to look for affordable options that are of great quality and I saw this lipstick from Sansan because of its cute packaging. Sansan Cosmetics is a local cosmetics brand providing us with products enriched with Vitamins A, C and E, commonly known as anti-oxidants that nourish, protect and give a healthy look to the skin. Their products are commonly found in HBC stores nationwide. 

Sansan has this High Definition Lipstick that is available in 3 shades: Really Red, Pink Pout and Nude Brown. They all have Sansan’s signature coconut scent, are of satin finish and has a little sheen. Overall, the High Definition Lipstick is worth the price for it is only sold in P160! So even though the application of the lipstick was not as impressive as high end brands for it does not glide smoothly, it’s still pretty much okay for the price is sulit and the texture of the lipstick is more of a lip balm, just layer twice or thrice for good color payoff. 

I was really impressed with this line of products. I got the lipstick in Really Red for it was the color that I was really looking for. It’s the nice kind of red that is not too bold and at the same time, not too dark. It looks like it has a shimmer in my swatch but it is more of a sheen rather than a shimmer or a glitter.

For me, this product really made me impressed on how local brands are of a great path, for they serve products that are affordable and of great quality that many Filipinos could easily find. 

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