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A lipstick that contains three vitamins plus SPF is really a must have. Check out San San High Definition Lipstick!

The Product:


  • Provides Full-Coverage with one application
  • Formulated with Vitamins A-C-E & SPF 15 for a healthier and naturally-radiant lips
  • Provides a creamy matte finish for a picture-perfect look


Content Weight/Volume: 0.13 oz / 3.8 g

Price: Php 145.00



First Impression: Whenever I read/heard about the word “High Definition” it sets high standards regarding the product, that’s why I’m super excited to try it on my lips and it worked so much than I expected.

Packaging: The lipstick container itself is in violet-metallic together with its box.

Smell: Cherry

Texture: Creamy

Coverage: Medium-to-Full coverage

Color/Shade: Nude Brown



Application: Simply glide the lipstick all over your lips.


First Photo Check-In: I love this lipstick because even if you apply just one glide, you can achieve a nice and even lip color.


6-hours Photo Check-In: The lipstick is still visible like I freshly applied it and I love how it doesn’t dry up my lips.


12-hours Photo Check-In: It stayed on my lips very well. Although it’s not transfer-proof when drinking.


End of the Day Check-In: The lipstick is still there. I can say that it lasts long and very moisturizing.


How did you make the product work for you? The product worked well, the coverage is buildable and the creamy texture really helps to moisturize your lips.

Will you buy this Product again? Yes, very affordable yet the quality is really good.

Recommendations: If you are looking for a good lipstick, try this one. I recommend it to every girl.

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