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          Girls really spend time when it comes to creating a perfect eyebrow shape. Commonly used products are powder and pencil liners but sometimes it betrays us leaving our eyebrows in trouble and we do not want that. Do you? Some reasons are:

  •   You sweat a lot causing you to wipe your face without noticing that the eyebrow product already transferred in your face cloth.
  •  The eyebrow filler is not as strong as your coffee. 
  •  You didn’t use an eyebrow gel to coat the strands of the hair and to protect the product from any fallout


            You can now achieve either Lily Collin’s or Cara Delevingne’s eyebrow gaming with this Pink Sugar Honey I’m Good Eyebrow Gel.

Price: P349.00/each

Shade: Brunette


  • 8 grams of product.
  • Dark brown plastic tube.
  •  Can use up to 12 months upon opening.
  • Ingredients, manufacturing details and direction to apply are indicated in the box including the shade.




  • The applicator is sturdy enough to control the amount of product to be applied.
  • The wand has a decent spacing for a better spreading on the brows.
  • The formula is not watery nor thick.
  • With a coconut and aloe vera ingredients.

 > The product claims that it is a RICHLY- tinted multi-purpose gel for perfect brow definition. 




  •  Did I just say,”WOOOW” on the first glide?? Yes, I did!
  • The pigmentation is LIT! I like how I just used ONE swipe in filling my brows! 
  • It really complements my hair color. Brunette is a perfect shade for those who has blackish-brown hair color.
  • My Brows look more natural as time goes by and it doesn’t feel greasy or sticky.
  •  This gel works amazingly even if you don’t use powder or pencil with it.
  • Works on my combination skin. 
  •  It lasted for almost 8 hours!


  •  I guess in every eyebrow gel or mascara, you really need to learn the proper way of applying it.
  • I do have a problem with the applicator because though it is sturdy, the bristles are too hard and thorny and it I felt discomfort with it.


Regardless of the con’s, I fell in love with the performance of this product! I can use this almost every day because it is so easy to use, very affordable and budget friendly!

The product also sets real quick! This is available on leading Watsons and SM Department Stores. 



Thank you so much BDJBox fam for sending me this =)

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