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Goodbye acne in 3 days? Let’s see if this product lives up to its promise.

Bellas, we all have insecurities. I know most of us feel less confident when faced with this common skin condition: Acne.

No wonder we are always searching for the BEST treatment or medication to cure or prevent it. Acne is characterized by many types of abnormal growths (black & whiteheads, pimples, and bumps) which are caused by an interaction between hormones, skin oil, and bacteria.

Recently, I got this My Choice Anti Acne Whitening Cream from my BDJ Fam.


How to use:

I have never seen this item before so I believe this might be the perfect timing for me to try and test it out if the claim is true “Visible result can be achieved within 3 days after application.” The packaging also included its MFG and EXP which are very important for me.


As you can see,  my acne is actively seeking for attention since it’s already the time of the month.I am sorry but I just realized that it really looks terrible on camera than in person.

DISCLAIMER: (All the photos were taken 3 days consecutive. No edit. I will leave the judgment to you).

During the test:


The product doesn’t have a strange smell but comparable to ointment. The cream is not heavy but the formulation is thick. No instructions on how long it should be on my face, but I let it do its job for the whole night. I just put a generous amount on the areas that I have issues with after using my toner.

Day 1:

  • Bumps aren’t red as before.
  • It releases a white material on it which is called “pus.”

Day 2:                     

  • Pus was gone and bumps are starting to become smaller and tinier.
  • Zits starting to feel dry.

Day 3:

  • Redness starting to become less visible.
  • Bumps are more flat and dry.


  • Redness and bumps are completely dried and healed.
  • Just a few zits are visible, but nothing to worry about.


  • The healing process of my acne has never been as fast as this!
  • This product was true to its claim.
  • Since it has a whitening ingredient, I can also see that it lightened my blemishes.
  • The packaging is very simple and travel-friendly.
  • I can easily dispense and control the product because it’s in a squeezable tube.
  • It is really SUPERB! =) Though I wish it is readily available in supermarkets and anywhere in stores.

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Thank you so much BDJBOX!  🙂 

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Sharmaine Casiano
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