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I cut my long, bombshell hair above my chin last year, and then cut it again almost pixie-short a month later. I went for the crop without a second thought because hair does grow back. But as I’ve learned since, it grows back pretty slowly. (Haha!)

Normally, you’re faced with only two choices when your growing hair finally hits that awkward stage: Cut it again, or stick it out and keep it tied in a ponytail. I chose the latter. But now, I realize there was a third option that I completely neglected: extensions. Fake it ‘til you make it, right? That goes for long locks, too.

For future reference, and also for your benefit, I had a chat with everyone’s go-to girl for high-quality hair extensions: Denise Aquino-Posadas of Tokyo Posh.

What’s better? Clip-ons or semi-permanent extensions?

It really depends on your lifestyle, and what type of girl you are. If you’re super busy but you want to look good, synthetic clip-ons come in a variety of styles — ponytail, bun, long curls — that you can attach without using any irons or tools. Clip-ons are also ideal for girls who can’t commit to a look.

Does this also apply to the girls who are forever asking, “Should I get bangs?”

Yes! If you’ve ever wanted a full fringe, had your hair cut, then ended up pinning it back or hiding it with a hairband, that never has to happen again, because you can just use clip-on bangs.

Don’t synthetic strands look…well, fake?

Not if they’re high-quality. And the great thing about synthetic hair is that it will hold its shape and style forever. You can put them on in the morning and be absolutely sure that they will look the same at night. They don’t need a lot of maintenance, just a wash every now and then, and you won’t have to re-style them. The style will hold.

So clip-ons are for fickle femmes. What about extensions?

Extensions are for women who want something long-term. If you want to fall asleep and wake up with longer, fuller hair. But extensions don’t mean that you’re going to wake up looking like a bombshell; they require some styling and knowledge of styling. Extensions are there to add volume and length to your existing hair, which is great if you have thinner hair. And you can reattach them up to three times, every two to three months.

Regina Belmonte

Regina Belmonte is a former newspaper and magazine beauty editor, a Sunday Lifestyle columnist for the Philippine Star, and a writer. She overshares at, tries not to be too sassy on Twitter, and doesn't curate her feed on Instagram.

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