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Color your eyes using one, two, or all five metallic, waterproof liner pens! Our BDJBOX Beauty Ministers share how to create easy, stunning looks in their favorite shades.

We’ve been raving about the Browhaus Heavy Duty Bi-Liner at the BDJBOX HQ the moment we got our hands on them. We love how fun the colors are (in shades of Midnight Blue, Noir Shimmer, Blush, Burgundy, and Amber), how easily they glide on the eyes, and how they complement any kind of skin toneRoad testing all five colors, the Beauty Ministers share how you can play around with these long-lasting liners and elevate your look instantly!

“If you’re a fan of quick everyday makeup like me, it’s time to add Browhaus’ Heavy Duty Bi-Liner to your rotation! I like to use Blush or Amber for day and Midnight Blue for night. Line the eyes with the waterproof pencil tip, then diffuse with the soft-smudge tip for instantly prettified peepers.” —Shai Lagarde

“Nothing like some color and shimmer to switch up your look. The Browhaus Heavy Duty Bi-Liner comes in five attractive shades to suit your every mood. Try mixing shades on the lids for added depth. My suggestion:
Burgundy on the outer corner of the eyes + Amber on the inner corner = Sultry and sexy!” Valerie Tan

“Love that the Browhaus Bi-liner glides effortlessly when applied! I would totally use
Burgundy and Amber for my day events. Midnight Blue is right up my alley! I would line my eyes with it and combine with Noir Shimmer and/or Burgundy for evening get-togethers.” Bianca Santiago-Reinoso

One of my favorite makeup products to use is an eyeliner, because I can easily ‘wake up’ my eyes in one go and it doesn’t take too much space in my kikay kit. However, I’m particular with what liner to use since I sweat easily or my skin gets oily. Good thing I got to try Browhaus’ Heavy-Duty Bi-Liners, which—surprise, surprise—doubles as eyeshadow! I like wearing two liners at once—Burgundy on top, and Amber on my lower lids—because I can take these colors from day to night, and they blend well with my morena skin tone. I skip mascara when I do this, because this step pretty much opens up my eyes already. I layer it up because the color sets easily on my lids; but if you’re not that oily, a single application will do. Dab the liner gently with its rubber tip so you don’t tug on your lids.” Nasia Cammayo

“If you wanna have more fun with your eyes and take a break from the usual matte black eyeliner, then these colored metallic liners are for you! Be it a road trip to the beach (oh, Amber is perfect for that!), a music festival, a house party, or a night out, these liners will make your eyes pop in an instant!” —Doris Cheong

“I love products that do double duty, because they cut my prep time in half. Browhaus’ Bi-Liners do just that, by being a great colored eyeliner, and by becoming the perfect lazy-girl eyeshadow if you smudge it just right before it sets and becomes budge-proof. I really like blending the shades into each other, too. (I mean, gold in the inner corners of the eyes using Amber, then blending out into brown using Burgundy? YES.)” —Regina Belmonte

Get these Browhaus Heavy-Duty Bi-Liners on sale at P200 each for a limited time only! 

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