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As a woman who does heavy make-up, foundation is basically the root of an on fleek look. For me, I take applying my foundation seriously. What helps me with this? Of course, my big brush. I’ve always been a brush user even for contouring. But as I watch make-up tutorials on youtube, I noticed that weird egg-shaped tool make up professionals’ use for foundation and also for contour. Yes, I just referred to it as an egg. I was not familiar with it before. You know what I’m talking about fo sho! Beauty blenders. That egg-shaped make-up tool became in.

I was lucky to try Features & Shades’ Blending Puff. The product is overloading with cuteness, first of all because the color is hot pink and it compliments the black packaging. I haven’t really tried using a beauty blender, yes this is one of my firsts! I find FS’ Blending Puff unique also when it comes to its shape. Usually the beauty blenders I normally see is like an egg (of course, I cannot just get over the word egg), but this one has a triangle flat end. For me I think it is easier to hold and use because of the end and also I can lay it flat at a table. I like to lay out my make up when fixing my face so I can just pick up what to use next. I can imagine dropping a round shape blender and for sure it’ll just roll on the floor (Who would wanna use a nasty dirty egg, right?). Upon applying my foundation using FS’ Blending Puff, it really made my face absorb the liquid. It made my base more intact since I wet the blender first. The product is also very easy to clea! Even though I cleaned it after a week, the make-up absorbed by the blender can be removed easily.

Even though I am a brush user ever since, I am now willing to switch! This FS Blending Puff is really a go for me. If you guys wanna have that flawless base, you better start using egg-shaped tools now! This product is also great for contouring simply because it makes your face absorb all the cosmetics you apply. Blending can be enjoyable if you are using the Features & Shades’ Blending Puff!

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