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A definitive bold statement in volume mascara! Its rich formula superbly builds up your lashes without clumping and dragging them! Let your lashes stand out today!


If eyes could speak, it can say a thousand words. What’s more lovely than our eyes? I really love to feature and highlight my eyes especially in doing make ups. The crease, the lids, and the lashes.

The Product:

It’s rich formula builds up your lashes without clumping and dragging them! Let your lashes stand out today!

Content Weight/Volume: 10g
Price: approx. P500

Smell: It smells like an ordinary mascara but not that loud.
Texture: Liquid
Color: Black

Application: With the mascara wand, apply it gently on your lashes.


First Photo Check-In: Upon this first application, you can really see that it highlights my eyes using the Mascarade.

1st photo check in

6-hour Photo Check-In: It’s been 6 hours since I first applied the mascara and it still looks like I just apply it recently.

6hr photo check in

12-hour Photo Check-In: So far, I’m loving my lashes. It looks like I have lash extensions on!

12 hr photo check in

End of the Day Check-In: I like how it really volumized my lashes and how it emphasize my eyes.

end of the day check in

How did you make the product work for you?
I just used it as my normal daily Mascara and I love it. Just a reminder: whenever you apply your mascara (any type of mascara), don’t try to be near to your fan. it can dry up your mascara.
Which claims did the product live up to?
It really did and I’m impressed.
Would you buy this product again?
Yes, because it’s worth it!
Which type of girl would you recommend this product?
Everyone. It’s perfect for natural look or glam look.

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