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Easy to blend four-color brow powder from FS Features and Shades!

Features and Shades’ Eyebrow Powder is new to me, and this eyebrow powder kit is the first product that I have been able to try from the brand. This makeup brand is proudly made in the Philippines and complements Filipinas’ physical attributes.

The kit comes in a set of four shades, from light brown to dark brown. You will not have a problem in creating the right combination of colors that will definitely suit your eyebrows. In my case, I used two shades in fixing my brows. It  comes in a small black compact case that has a mirror and two eyebrow brushes. The kit weighs 5g and it is easy to bring when travelling. 

The powders don’t have any unpleasant scent. The texture of the powder is smooth and velvet-like that makes it easy to glide with the brush included. The color is not as pigmented as I expected it to be in one swipe but I find it better that way. Our eyebrows are not something that should be taken for granted and its easy to build up colors over removing it if the powder is too pigmented. 

I did not encounter any problem in its application even though the brush is a little thick and hard. I used two shades to sculpt my brows. For lining the edges, I used the second to the lightest shade. While for the sparse areas, I used the lightest shade to fill it. 

The product lasted for 8 to 10 hours on my eyebrows without the need of touch-ups. I was able finish my day at work with my eyebrows still intact. I already have a bushy brows so I sometimes use it with wax to tame my eyebrows. The powder still did its job nicely even with the use of additional wax. 

With four choices of colors, you can easily customize the perfect combination of shades for your eyebrows. If you have colored hair like mine, I suggest that you use lighter shades. On the other hand, you can use the darker shades if you have dark-colored hair. This kit’s range of colors can work on any skin tone, so I totally recommend it to everyone.

This kit can also be used as eye shadow. The powder has a similar texture to the typical eye shadow powder. Plus, the powders are matte! I can amazingly use this kit in two ways, which makes it a versatile tool for my travels.

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