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An all-in-one cosmetic breakthrough that has the properties of Foundation, to give your face a seamless coverage; Concealer, to flawlessly cover all blemishes; Moisturizer, to keep your face from dryness; and UV-protection, to protect your skin against harmful rays from the sun.

Certified BB girl over here! I have been a loyal user of a certain BB cream brand so this was my first time to try something new from F&S cosmetics.


  • Gives your face a seamless coverage
  • A BB cream that conceals, moisturizes, has UV protection

My Insights:

I have nothing to say bad about this since I’m a fan of black. Plus, it comes in a normal tube that is easy to use. Just be mindful of pressing it since the BB cream comes out easily.

Smooth and thick. A little goes a long way which I really like! So matipid ^^

I’ll give this a 5/5 ♥ I love how the cream settles on my face, it is almost like a powdery finish. As to concealing, I would say that it does not really conceal 101% but a still give it a 5 knowing that this is not really a concealer, but still, it lightens my acne marks. My skin loves it too! I did not get any negative reactions on my face and it lasted a bit longer than the usual BB cream I use.

IT IS A MUST HAVE! I will definitely purchase this one I finish my first tube! *Hoping there would be a lighter shade though, since I have light complexion.

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