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Eyeliner has been around for ages. Used by ancient Egyptian men and women, they believed that applying kohl on their eyes would defend them from the harsh dessert elements and grant them the protection of gods Ra and Horus.

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These days, eyeliner doesn’t necessarily bring us closer to the deities, but having well-lined peepers can make us instantly feel like modern-day goddesses! Eyeliner comes in all shapes and types, with some even working double-duty as eye shadow or eyebrow filler. If you’ve always gone bare over your lids, now’s the time to experiment and add a new dimension to your look! Here are four reasons why you seriously need to add eyeliner to your daily makeup regimen.

1 Eyeliner corrects your eye shape.

If you’ve always been conscious about one eye being bigger than the other, just draw a thicker line on the smaller eye to give the illusion that they’re the same shape. Symmetric eyes in a snap! Plus, women born with monolid eyes can pretend to have creases simply by drawing them at the perfect spot.

2 Eyeliner makes a bold statement.

Defined eyes can make you look unforgettable. Case in point: Adele’s signature cat eye on all her album covers. If you’re curious to see the multiple looks you can create with black eyeliner, here are five easy techniques you can try!

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3 Eyeliner brightens things up.

Showcase your outgoing personality by choosing eyeliners in bold shades or metallic finishes. You can choose a color that pops against your skin tone (like a metallic blue over morena skin) or experiment with two or three contrasting shades!

4 Eyeliner creates drama.

If you’re attending a formal event or going out on a date, put your best foot eye forward in the most uncomplicated way—by smudging your eyeliner to create smokey lids. You can even pull off an ombre eyeliner or edgy eyeliner if you’re up for a challenge.

Whatever eyeliner you go for, make sure you use a smudge-proof, water-proof formula so you don’t end up with panda eyes at the end of the day. Our top pick: Browhaus Heavy-Duty Bi-Liners in five amazing colors—Noir Shimmer, Midnight Blue, Burgundy, Blush, and Amber! You can get all five shades at 60% off through our exclusive BDJBOX sale.


You can even see how resilient these long-wearing liners are through this waterproof test!


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