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We love Revlon here at BDJBOX HQ! Randomly milling about a Watson’s a few weeks back, I happened upon the Revlon Photoready Prime + Antishine Balm at the Revlon counter. At P700, it’s a steal!

Revlon Photoready Prime + Antishine Balm

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The Revlon Photoready Prime + Antishine Balm is a multi-use balm that can be worn alone, under or over makeup to prime and smooth skin and to eliminate shine. The packaging is pretty handy. It comes in a sleek, black compact and contains 14.2g of clear balm primer—it looks white in the pan, but don’t worry, it applies clear. I was initially apprehensive about the sponge applicator—frankly, I’m not a fan of compact sponges—but decided to give it a whirl. The sponge is dense, it doesn’t soak up and waste product. The sponge is actually the best way to apply the balm primer—to apply, pat the balm on your skin, concentrating on your t-zone. It’ll leave your skin will a velvety finish that ensures a smooth and even application for the rest of your face products. I love using this primer under my trusty Revlon ColorStay Liquid Foundation for Combination/Oily Skin for an all-day flawless matte finish.

The Revlon Photoready Prime + Antishine Balm is an affordable everyday primer that won’t break the bank. In a pinch, you can also lightly pat it over your makeup for a quick touch up. Head on over to your nearest Revlon counter and try it out. For sure you’ll also love this drugstore find!

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