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Whether you’re going for subtle or smokey, this amazing gel liner pen glides on smooth and deliver serious staying power even as the mercury starts to rise!

The Browhaus Heavy Duty Bi-Liner is a longwear waterproof gel pencil that comes with a soft smudge-tip and sharpener on the other end. Available in the shades Noir Shimmer, Midnight Blue, Burgundy, Amber, and Blush, you’ll have a blast getting creative look—line your peepers for definition or go for a sexy smokey look by smudging and blending out.

“Eye shadow and eyeliner in one. I was definitely intrigued with the Browhaus Bi-liner. I got the Blush shade which is a soft metallic pink color. It transfers easily on the eyes and was easy to smudge and blend. If you want to spice up your beauty look, try these out as it comes in five interesting colors.”


“A go-to product when you have to leave your place in a rush and have very little space in your bag (or clutch, during a sudden night out). It’s great since it can be used to just line your peepers or as an eye shadow when smudged. And oh, I love that there’s a built-in sharpener in it! No more “oops, I brought my liner but it’s useless coz it’s not sharpened!” moments! Truly, this could everything you need to make your eyes pop!”


“My aesthetic has always leaned a little—okay, a lot—Goth, so when I saw that Browhaus had a Bi-Liner in Burgundy, I was thrilled! Typically I only wear black eyeliner, and use brown for when I need a softer, more family-friendly look, but Burgundy gives my eyes (and my makeup) an interesting new edge. It’s all about the little details!”


Browhaus Bi-Liner‘s colors are so much fun to play with, depending on your mood or where you’re headed to for the day. For daily wear, I prefer using it as an eyeliner; for parties, I blend it a bit and use it as an eye shadow. If you want eye-catching color to last all day, it’s best to layer it up because it easily sets on your lids. It also comes with a rubber tip for blending, which I feel is better for dabbing so as not to tug on your lids.”


“Who doesn’t love a hardworking beauty product? This Browhaus Bi-Liners aren’t just eye liners but also eye shadows! I got the one in Blush and I’d say this would perfect for days when I feel like playing up my eyes with a lighter eye shadow color and metallic finish!”


“One can never have too many black and brown eyeliners, but one can also never have too much fun playing with colors! I actually have all three shades and interchange them to complement whatever eye shadow palette I use. Perfect for daytime or lightweight makeup.”


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