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Dentiste’ Plus Double White Platinum Double Fresh & White Toothpaste is an intensive, long-lasting fresh and deep cleaning toothpaste. It uses bicarbonate of soda to remove and prevent tartar and plaque deposition and micro silica complex, a fine natural tooth scrub compound that helps eliminate plaque and stains without damaging the tooth enamel. It also effectively whitens and cleans the teeth with long-lasting fresh breath.

First Impressions

Packaging: Love the packaging. It’s pretty sturdy, unlike other toothpaste tubes.
Price: Php200-250

  • You really don’t need to put a lot of the toothpaste to brush your pearly whites. I only needed a pea-size amount to get the job done. Very tipid. 🙂
  • When used, it actually smells and tastes like herbal mint. When you’re a spicy-mint-toothpaste kind of babe like me, you won’t love the taste at first. But after awhile of brushing, you’ll get used to it. After brushing, it has that fresh minty after taste.
  • Just like other toothpaste brands, it does help you lose the appetite to eat again. Very effective on helping you stick to your diet. Lol!

Final Thoughts

How did you make the product work for you?
Remember, when I told you about the itch thing? Well, after regular use, it’s gone. Maybe my tongue wasn’t that just used to that kind of mint.

Which claims did the product live up to?
I have to agree, it does leave you with long-lasting fresh breath! Thing is, I super love coffee, but definitely hate coffee breath. After brushing with regular toothpaste, it usually it takes me 30-40 min after drinking coffee to get coffee breathe. But with this one from Dentiste’, it can take me hours!

P.S. If you have sensitive gums, best to use soft bristled toothbrushes

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Jasmine Juguilon

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Jasmine Juguilon

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