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Silky, smooth formula adapts to your skin tone for a natural, no-makeup look.


Powder holds a big part in every girl’s daily essentials. It eliminates oiliness and keeps your face fresh all day without worrying.


Covergirl Trublend Pressed Powder has a silky-smooth formula that adapts to your skin tone for a natural, no-makeup look. 


  • Won’t clog pores
  • Oil and fragrance free
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Dermatologically tested

Content Weight/Volume: 11g (0.39 oz)
Price: Php 425.00
Packaging: It’s compact with a pressed powder case that has a clear top, silver sticker, and mirror inside. It also has a powder puff with the initials of the Covergirl brand.

Smell: It smells like an ordinary light face powder.
Texture: Powder-Finish
Coverage: Medium
Color/Shade: #2 translucent light

Application: You just have to pat the powder puff on the pressed powder then gently apply it to your face and neck.

First Photo Check-In: I really love the matte finish it gives, given that I have an oily skin.

1st photo check in
6-hour Photo Check-In: My nose kinda start to be a little oily but its kinda tolerable.

6hr photo check in
12-hour Photo Check-In: As you probably can notice, my skin is a bit shiny it still looks okay. It looks dewy and I still like it that way.

12hr photo check in
Last Day Check-In: I only applied the product once (in the morning) and I must say that it last long given that my face is more on the oily side.
end of the day check in
Day 2: I tried to use the powder with my sunblock as base and it doesn’t feel sticky unlike the usual powder that I use.

Day 3: It really looks natural on my face, it kinda blurred out my pores and I love it.

Day 4: Tried to match it with my concealer to cover some blemishes on my face. It blends well with Covergirl Trublend Pressed Powder.

Day 5: I tried to re-apply after 6hrs and its very tolerable.
Day 6: I really love how it looks natural on my face every after application, you just have to blend it all over your fave.
Day 7: It meets my expectation. There’s this type of powder specially designed for oily skin but this Covergirl Trublend Pressed Powder managed to give me a fine dewy look even after hours.
Final Review:

final review
How did you make the product work for you?
I re-applied when I needed it, after six hours or so.
Which Claims did the product live up to?
Would you buy this product again:
Which type of girl would you recommend this product?
I highly recommend it,  especially for those with Normal/Dry type of Skin. I think it’s most suitable for them. Although I like how it appears on me; I have oily skin. For those who love dewy look like me, it’s really good.

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