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Achieve unicorn hair goals without the commitment! Spray on the Cospray Washable Haircolor Spray and get magical hair instantly…and as often as you want.

Product Details

The Cospray Washable Haircolor Spray comes in a 75ml spray can and is available in 7 metallic colors with cute comic characters and their names displayed on each can:

  • Metallic Blue – Bishounen Blue
  • Metallic Gold – Hime Gold
  • Metallic Green – Genki Green
  • Metallic Pink – Shoujo Pink
  • Metallic Red – Henshin Red
  • Metallic Silver – Sugoi Silver
  • Metallic Violet – Kawaii Violet

Each retails for P209 on the Cospray website and can also be found on their Facebook page and Lazada.

On their website, they claim to be:

  • Washable – with water and shampoo!
  • Dermatologist-tested
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Paraben-Free

All of which makes them “absolutely safe for your hair and skin! Definitely kid-friendly too!”

On the back of the can, it shows the directions:

“Turn upside down. Shake well for 2 mins before use and in between uses to avoid clogging. Hold 8 to 10 inches away from hair and spray. Wash off with shampoo and water.”



I had the pleasure of experimenting with all seven colors of the Cospray Washable Haircolor Spray and learnt how they are best applied.

First you’ll want to cover your clothing with an old towel or cloth to keep them from getting dirtied by the colorspray. Following the directions, they apply like regular hairspray with an even distribution of color. They do have a strong smell though. I’m not sure what scent it is but it’s something you don’t want to inhale, so make sure you don’t spray them in the direction of your face. If you spray the Cospray too close to the hair, the strands will gather into a wet mess and become “crunchy” after it dries.

Cospray Washable Haircolor Spray

Depending on your current hair color (mine is pastel pink here), the Cospray metallic color you choose will have different color pay-offs. On darker hair, you may need to spray a second coat or more depending on how opaque you want it to be. Just spray it one coat at a time after each coat dries. For lighter hair, one to two sprays might do, as it did for me.

For a full head of one color, spray the Cospray Haircolor of your choice one section at a time against a scrap paper. If you want to sport multiple colors for a rainbow effect, do the same thing but alternate the colorsprays among the sections of hair. You can also blend the colors on top of each other to create a holographic effect, like what I did here. I mixed metallic pink, metallic violet and metallic blue, and I loved how it came out!

Cospray Washable Haircolor Spray

I got to wear my blend of colors the whole day and they did not wear off. They do, however, feel like an extra hold hairspray. Although my hair felt like it had texture and volume, it made it easier to style but running my fingers through did pull on them. So I don’t recommend brushing your hair once the Cospray has dried. And at the end of the day, they washed off easily with shampoo and water. I did 2 washes to make sure their was no residue left.

Overall, I really enjoyed these Cosprays because I could be creative as much as I want with my hair without any permanent color treatment! You can even recreate your hair into your favorite comic characters for a cosplay or to suite your mood for a summer festival/ party. I’d totally recommend this to anyone who wants to experiment with metallic hair colors. It’s really fun to try especially with friends!

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Remy Tongol

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