Community Guidelines


  1. Be You
    We want you to express yourself in a nice way. We want you to share your thoughts, insights, and experiences that can contribute to the beauty community and empower your fellow Bella
  2. Strut your style!
    We want you to actively participate in this community by posting or linking your articles, videos, photos, and looks! Show what you’ve got and let others learn from you!
  3. Love your fellow Bella
    We don’t just want a forum, but we want a community of BDJ Box Bellas! We want you to know and learn from each other.


  1. Don’t disclose private information
    Your privacy is important, and we respect it. You should not be forced or obliged to post/share your confidential information. And same way, don’t intrude the privacy of others.
  2. Don’t argue and don’t be mean
    As much as possible, we want to maintain a happy and very positive community for you, Bellas. So, please don’t be mean with each other and practice respect. We trust that you will be a responsible Filipina Bella.
  3. Don’t spam
    As much as we want you to have freedom to post and share, we want you also to make this community filled with diverse topics. We encourage you to post and invite others as well to participate in our community.

Review Guidelines

What makes a good review?

  1. Anyone can review, but a good review is something that has relevant insights and sharing of product experience.
  2. Remember that these reviews serve as suggestions, opinions, recommendations or warnings to others.
  3. Some things that you can consider while making a review:
    • What was your experience?
    • Why did you think it worked or did not work on you? (you may share your features: skin tone, hair condition, etc.)
    • Will you buy it again? (You may share if the price is really good for you)
  4. Make an honest review. We want you to review what you’ve personally experienced and not just hearsays.
  5. Don’t be mean and/or don’t use foul words that may offend others.