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The “no-makeup” makeup look is really popular place nowadays, and it’s easy to pull of every day. One of the most popular products in achieving such look is the lip and cheek tint. 

Product: Celeteque Moisturizing Lip and Cheek Duo

Claims: Celeteque Dermocosmetics Moisturizing Lip and Cheek Duo is an oil-free and streak-free mousse enriched with powerful antioxidants to promote Lip and Cheek Moisturization.

How Celeteque Dermocosmetics Moisturizing Lip and Cheek Duo works:

  • Sodium Hyaluronate and Glycerin improve moisture retention for firmer, softer, and smoother lips and cheeks.
  • Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E) acts as an antioxidant that protect lips and cheeks from free radicals.


Content Weight/Volume: 1.6 ml

Price: Php 645.00

Store Info: You can visit them online via

First Impression: I love how the product is very handy. I was kinda expecting it to be a balm since it’s a moisturizer, but it looks natural when applied on my lips and cheeks.


Packaging: It is placed in a square lip cream clear and white container. It is packed in a silver box with touches of blue (signature design for Celeteque) and properly labeled.


Smell: It has a fruity-floral scent.

Texture: It’s a cream-based lip and cheek product.

Coverage: Light-Medium

Color: Rosy Blush

Color-Payoff: Very tolerable, apply as often as needed.



Application: Using its wand, apply it directly to your lips and cheek. For the cheeks, you can blend it with a sponge, brush, or your hand (just make sure it’s clean before touching your face!). Shake well before use.


First Photo check-in: You can see how it makes my lips rosy pink and natural-looking.


6-hour check-in: Since I ate earlier, it faded a little, but you can still see remnants of it.


12-hour check-in: The product is not that visible, but my lips are still moisturized. This surprised me.


End-of-the-day check-in: The tint didn’t stay long but its moisturizing effect is really good.


2nd day check-in:

Obviously, this product is really good if you’re achieving the natural look or the “no-makeup” makeup look.


3rd day check-in:

Aside from the gorgeous shade, I love the scent of this product.


4th day check-in:

I’m really in-love with the shade, it looks like I didn’t apply anything on my lips, but it evened out my lips color because the outer part of my lips appear to be darker than the inner part.


5th day check-in:

Moisturize-wise, I’m very satisfied with it. It’s Day 5 and it didn’t dry up my lips since Day 1.


6th day check-in:

It’s day six and I noticed it didn’t make my lips dark unlike some of the lip products that I’ve used. So far, so good!


7th day check-in:

Now I can say that this product is a must-have for me, I apply balm with my lipstick almost every day especially when going out but now I can wear this product alone all throughout the day.


Final review:

I wore this product with no lip balms and moisturizers yet I’m very satisfied with how it moisturized my lips. Tint wise, this rosy blush appears to look natural on my bare lip color. You just need to re-apply it at least twice a day if you want the tint to be visible all day.

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