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Lash-love with Browhaus Manila!

I guess chinita girls like me are sometimes frustrated to get more emphasized eyes only to think that they are too small and uneasy to pop-out and as a result, some of us either apply tons of liners or extra thick lashes, wear huge contact lenses, or maybe just give up and go out with no eye makeup on.

I was given the chance to choose between grooming my eyebrows or have amazing lash extensions – well I absolutely know that “kilay is life” but I guess I have paid more attention to my brows already that my eyes needed some too, so I’m choosing lashes!

Browhaus Manila, as obvious as the brand sounds, is an expert at giving the most gorgeous brows any woman or even man can have. They are located internationally – Singapore, London, Shanghai, MANILA, Bangkok, Jakarta and even New York. They are all over the world so it is impossible for you to miss their amazing services! Speaking of services, they do not only offer brow grooming but also, lash extensions, waxing, threading, and a lot more.

L.I.B 3.0

Let us now move on to the lash-love treatment I got, or as Browhaus calls it, the Lash In Bloom which became a hit since 2004.

The new and improved L.I.B 3.0 takes Lash Extension to new heights with visible enhanced benefits:

  • lash extensions which don’t clump together giving you unnatural, spider-leg lashes.
  • single strands of lash hair are tabbed onto your existing lashes, following the curve or your eyelid. Lashes feel soft, light and comfortable.
  • Top notch glue that does not cause any discomfort or visible lines
  • the length, color and density of each lash hair is custom fit to the individual eye shape and needs, giving a natural yet lush effect



Result is lusciously full lashes that requires no crimping and mascara for up to 1 month.

Are you convinced??… We sure blinkingly are! Get to browhaus for a L.I.B 3.0 now and when you saunter out, you will be all lash-worthy to flit, bat and flutter!! L.I.B 3.0 is priced at php 3,800.00 per treatment.

Other Services:


browhaus – Serendra 2nd Floor Serendra, Bonifacio Global City / Tel: 632 901.0597

browhaus – Greenbelt 5 4th Floor Greenbelt 5 / Tel: 632 501.3998

browhaus – Mega Fashion Hall / Tel: 632 531.6967

browhaus – Lucky Chinatown Mall 4th Floor Lucky Chinatown Mall / Tel: 632 254.2716

browhaus – Abreeza Mall 3rd Floor Abreeza Mall Davao / Tel: 632 082 . 327.0038

browhaus – Powerplant Mall Concourse Level Powerplan Mall / Tel: 632 805.3633

For more info, visit Browhaus Manila’s website here.

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