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High octane glam with a champagne poppin’ twist!

Sometimes I think to myself that, perhaps, I should have been born in another era. Then I remember that I am grateful for third-wave feminism, and decide to just channel the best parts of the old days—the glamour!—in new ways. Haha!

I have to admit, I have always had an affinity for the dark-eyed, red-lipped beauty of the 1920s. It’s a look that can still be worn with ease today, if you have the sass. (And I’m sure you do!) I’m going to twist my hair up into little coils to help set some curls, and then I’m going to show you how to recreate the makeup look.

All dolled up for a jazz age bash!

Step 1: Apply foundation and concealer.

The base of yesteryear was matte AF, so modernize the makeup by keeping it more dewy and sheer. You want the makeup to look fresh, so you have to look fresh, too!

Step 2: Ring your eyes in black pencil liner.

Sooty black liner and shadow are among the key elements of this look, so use a creamy black eyeliner along your upper and lower lashlines. Don't worry about being imprecise, because you're going to cover up any mistakes with...

Step 3: Dark gray or black matte eyeshadow along the lashline, over the pencil you just drew on.

Use dark eyeshadow to soften the hard line of the pencil, diffusing it and making it look smoky.

Step 4: Blend a metallic shadow on the inner corners of the eyelid.

Mixing a little sparkle with your matte gives the look dimension.

Step 5: Mascara, mascara, mascara!

Curl your lashes and apply at least two coats.

Step 6: Ace those arches!

Eyebrows were as essential then as they are now. The difference, though, is that we prefer a thicker, natural brow these days, whereas back then, they liked thin, drawn-on lines. We're going for a glamorous look, not to a costume party, so if you want to channel the classic look, fill in your brows, but don't make them as thick as you typically might.

Step 7: Paint on a matte red pout.

I'm partial to darker reds myself, but pick the matte red hue that looks best on you. The red lip is a must for this look!

Step 8: Brush on the blush!

Another element of the old-school look is blush that pops. We don't want to look that cartoonish, though, so don't pile on the blusher. Just dust on enough so that you look significantly flushed; not clownlike.

Step 9: Highlight the high planes of the face.

I don't know if highlighting goes far back into beauty history (I should look that up sometime!), but it's definitely a huge part of present day beauty, so make sure to dust shimmering highlighter on the tops of your cheekbones and on your browbones to make your bone structure shine.

And, voila!
You can also opt to curl your hair with an iron, or twist and set it into little curls and then pin it back to polish off the look.

Photos by Ozzy Lavina

Regina Belmonte

Regina Belmonte is a former newspaper and magazine beauty editor, a Sunday Lifestyle columnist for the Philippine Star, and a writer. She overshares at, tries not to be too sassy on Twitter, and doesn't curate her feed on Instagram.

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