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Pro makeup artist John Pagaduan dishes his best bridal beauty secrets!

If, like me, your friends have started getting married intentionally (you know what I mean, haha), then you’re probably attending more and more weddings as the months go by. Maybe your own wedding, maybe not, but either way, your calendar is filling up with your friends’ joyous nuptials, and everyone — not just the bride, but if you are the bride, especially you — must look their absolute best.

I spoke to my future wedding makeup artist, John Pagaduan, to ask him for his bridal beauty tips. (Trust, John has been doing my makeup — when I’m too lazy to do it myself — for a decade now. On the day I finally tie the knot with the right man, he will be there, making me look good. I love how I don’t even have a boyfriend yet, but I have my makeup artist locked down. That’s just how we girls roll.) You don’t necessarily have to be the bride, these tips definitely apply to you, too, if you have a big, super important function (again, not necessarily a wedding) to attend. Take it from a pro:

  1. See your dermatologist waaay ahead of time.
    “Event prep can be so demanding and tedious, and it’s inevitable for your skin to break out if you’re stressed. I always tell my brides to go for a facial, or cleaning, or bleaching, or anything that involves abrasion ahead of time. At least two to three weeks before the wedding or the event, so that their skin will have time to heal. It can be really hard to cover a pimple prick from a facial cleaning!
  2. Prime, prime, prime!
    “It’s important to use a very good primer because you might need your makeup to last a long period of time, while at the same time, respecting your skin’s moisture.” The most retouching you’ll be able to do will be very minor, so make sure your skin is primed according to its needs to help your makeup last all day (and maybe even all night) long.
  3. Keep a small retouching kit with you (or with your maid of honor).
    “If you’re carrying a pouch with you, always have blotting papers and folded soft tissues so that you can wick away sebum anytime, especially in the church.” Those tissues will also be super useful if you start to tear up at any time during the wedding. Pop your lipstick in there, too.
  4. Scrimp on shimmer.
    “I always opt not to put too much shimmer in the makeup, because the tendency is that, if you overdose on shimmer, the light bounces back, making you look fatter in photos.” OMG, NOTED! Skip the strobing!
  5. Make sure your makeup is waterproof.
    This should be a given, but it’s always best to be a sigurista. “Always, always ask for waterproof makeup, especially for liners and mascara. We are living in a tropical country!” Sweat happens, ladies! Not to mention tears! Make sure you’re getting the heavy-duty stuff. (And make use of those tissues in your pouch to gently dab away — dab, not rub — the “rain” on your face before it makes your mascara run.

See you at the altar!

Regina Belmonte

Regina Belmonte is a former newspaper and magazine beauty editor, a Sunday Lifestyle columnist for the Philippine Star, and a writer. She overshares at, tries not to be too sassy on Twitter, and doesn't curate her feed on Instagram.

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