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Rosé all day! Not only a refreshing bubbly but also a pretty pastel look for that invite to a garden wedding! Cheers!

When it comes to makeup, French women believe less is more—a nice lipstick, a little color on the eyes, and glowing skin are more than enough. Here’s a très chic beauty look infused with a dash of French je ne sais quoi, perfect for any Spring social.

Channel the OG teen queen Marie Antoinette and let them eat some cake with a sweetly royal event-ready look filled with pastel macaron dreams.

Step 1: Keep skin bare

Skip the heavy foundation and just cover flaws.
Deborah Milano Anti-Ageing Illuminating Under-Eye Concealer

Step 2: Contour cheekbones

French women are genetically blessed with chiseled faces. Fake it by contouring starting from your ears to the middle of your cheeks.
Happy Skin Glisten Up! Precision Contour Cheek Stick in Taupe

Step 3: Sweep highlighter on cheekbones

This gives off the illusion of luminous skin.
Happy Skin Glisten Up! Precision Highlighter Cheek Stick in Champagne

Step 4: Full and bold brows is the way to go

Pretty brows are a great way to frame the face.
Jordana Fabubrow Shape & Set Gel

Step 5: Brush a pastel pink color on the upper lid

French women don't like looking too made up so apply eye shadow sparingly.
Essence Vintage Rose Eye Palette

Step 6: Contour eyes with a purple color

Don't be so OC when blending as a messy smoky eye actually looks more chic.
Essence Vintage Rose Eye Palette

Step 7: Make a cat eye flick

Steer clear of the bottom of the eye.
Browhaus Heavy Duty Bi-Liner in Amber

Step 8: Go for that red lip.

Red lips make a huge statement and can even be considered a fashion accessory.
Flormar Deluxe Cashmere Lipstick in Festive Burgundy

Step 9: Tie hair in a high ponytail.

Step 10: Cut off the toe-end of a sock.

You'll end up with a tube out of the sock. 

Step 11: Roll the sock down to the ends of your hair and gather your hair around the sock.

Keep hairstyle firm with bobby pins.

YAS KWEEN! French beauty perfection to rule your very own court of Versailles!

Photos by Ozzy Lavina


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Valerie Tan

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