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Unleash your free spirit with a radiant bohemian beauty look that is uniquely feminine for your big day!

If you’ve always fancied rustic settings and want a creative yet laid-back wedding, then you must be a bohemian bride. You’re a romantic but definitely a free spirit who wants a nonchalant, ethereal radiance on her big day. Not the bride but part of the entourage, or simply a guest at a bohemian-themed wedding? Fret not, allow us to inspire you with this easy peasy boho beauty look!

BDJ - Bohemian - Main Photo

Take your boho babe look to a whole 'nother level with sunset-inspired makeup and a fishtail braid!

BDJ - Bohemian - 1

Step 1

Make sure you start with a clean face. Pat on a primer like Revlon's Photoready Prime + Antishine Balm (P700) to make sure your makeup stays put the entire day. A melted face should be the last thing on your mind for an event!

BDJ - Bohemian - 2

Step 2

Apply a lightweight foundation like Maybelline's Dream Satin Skin Liquid Foundation (P499) evenly on your face with a beauty sponge for an airbrushed finish. Perf! Dab on concealer to cover blemishes and undereye circles. Try Revlon's Photoready Concealer (P725).

BDJ - Bohemian - 3

Step 3

Brush on a finishing powder like Shiseido's Translucent Loose Powder (Approx. P1,738) to set your makeup base and make it look more flawless.

BDJ - Bohemian - 4

Step 4

Fill in your brows with an eyebrow pencil like The Face Shop's Designing Eyebrow Pencil (P225). I suggest that you go a shade lighter than your actual hair color so your brows don't look too "heavy".

BDJ - Bohemian - 5

Step 5 

Before piling on the eyeshadow, apply a primer to hold the colors together. Don't have a primer specifically made for your lids? It's okay! You can use your face primer too. After which, brush on yellow eyeshadow just a bit below your brow bone. You can use an eyeshadow palette like Sleek Makeup's i-Divine Ultra Matte Palette (P848) for an array of colors you can play with.

BDJ - Bohemian - 6

Step 6

Up next? Orange eyeshadow (use the one from the same palette)! Brush it on your crease, but make sure you don't cover the yellow eyeshadow on top. Blend well.

BDJ - Bohemian - 7

Step 7

Finish off that sunset effect with a purple eyeshadow like Inglot's Pearl Eyeshadow in #441 (P425). Brush it on your lids; retouch the two other colors if you have to. Don't you just love the colors altogether?

BDJ - Bohemian - 8

Step 8

Apply eyeliner on your lash line, but be careful not to thicken it. Try Happy Skin's Eye Am Here to Stay 24H Gel Pencil Eyeliner in Perfect Black (P599) for a budge-proof formula that is guaranteed to last you all day.

BDJ - Bohemian - 9

Step 9

Choose a bronze or gold color to line your lower lids, so it still complements the sunset-inspired shades you used on your upper lids. Try The Body Shop's Eye Colour Stick in Cyprus Bronze (Approx. P798) for a hint of metallic.

BDJ - Bohemian - 10

Step 10

Curl lashes and apply a volumizing mascara such as Max Factor's Velvet Volume False Lash Effect Mascara (P765). This will surely make your eyes pop!

BDJ - Bohemian - 11

Step 11

Blush on a peachy color on your cheeks and use a bronzer for that subtle contour. Dab on a bit of highlighter to get your glow on. Try Revlon's Highlighting Palette (P625) so you already have everything that you need. This will make for a natural, sun-kissed glow that fits your bohemian beauty look. 

BDJ - Bohemian - 12

Step 12

 Since your eyes are the focus of your makeup look, go for a neutral lip color such as Too Faced's Melted Lipstick in Nude (P1,272).

BDJ - Bohemian - 13

Step 13

Now that your makeup's done, let's go to hair! You can actually forego curling or straightening your hair to utilize your mane's natural texture. But if you must, blow dry hair instead while combing it with your fingers. Once completely dry, brush hair with a paddle brush. Apply a smoothing product like Bench Fix's Soo Polished Shine Wax (P135) to tame frizz.

BDJ - Bohemian - 14

Step 14

We're doing a side fishtail braid so after parting your hair, bring it all to one side and divide it into two sections.

BDJ - Bohemian - 15

Step 15

Grab an outer piece from the right side and bring it to the left section. After which, immediately secure and smoothen the left side with your other hand. It's important that you get pieces from the outermost part of the sections for a defined braid. 

BDJ - Bohemian - 16

Step 16

Repeat carefully on your left side and vice-versa. Do this until you reach the lower part of your hair.

BDJ - Bohemian - 17

Step 17

After completing the braid, secure it with a hair tie. Gently tug the braid to loosen it a bit, and allow a few hair strands to fall. Remember, this doesn't have to look perfect.

BDJ - Bohemian - 19

Step 18

How to accessorize your look further? Add a flower crown as your headpiece! All-white, colorful, or thick—choose one that suits your style!

BDJ - Bohemian - 18

 Now off to the event you go in this fun, vibrant look!

Photos by Ozzy Lavina


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