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Working gals would agree that the office is like their 2nd home.

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Since copious amounts of hours in the office is being spent, I do believe a kikay kit is a must in the workplace. You’ll never know when you’ll need a quick touch up before the presentation or for that last minute after work drinks with the girls. Here are 10 beauty items needed in your office drawer pronto!

Hair Ties

So you come to work and your hair decides to fall flat. No problem! Beat bad hair days with these babies. A chic, messy bun or top knot always works!


Those tricky zits can pop up anytime and that all-nighter you just pulled for this morning’s early presentation is obvious as day and night, combat these spots with a concealer.

Lip-and-Cheek Tint / All-in-One Palette

Monday morning rush hour = no time for makeup. A lip and cheek tint (plus coffee!) for that pretty flush definitely saves any day!

Blotting Paper

Zap shiny skin with blotting papers! These handy papers absorb oil so much better allowing you a quick touch up whenever needed.

Facial Wash

10 minutes til lunch break ends, why not wash your make up free – face for a quick pick me upper?


You’ll never know who will pop in the office door – a colleague crush, important client, or your boss! A light, fresh scent would be perfect for the workplace. Be mindful of your officemates who are allergic though, so I’d say spray sparingly!

Eye Liner

If there’s any makeup item I cannot live without it’s this one. An eye liner helps wake up, enhance your peepers! Who wouldn’t want to look fresh and wide awake in the office? And for those biglaan after office gimmicks, rim your eyes for a quick makeup change.

Panty Liners

The least we want to happen in the office is an emergency wardrobe change because of a monthly visit. Panty liners will buy you enough time to run to the convenience store or ask around for a spare pad.

Hand Cream / Lotion

Another thing we cannot control in the workplace is the office temperature. For days when you feel like you’re in the Artic, do remember to give your hands and fingers some love with a hand cream to prevent dry skin and cuticles.


With summer just around the corner, a deodorant, though not glamorous (then again, so are pit stains!) can come in handy!

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Bianca Santiago-Reinoso

Bianca Santiago-Reinoso

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