• An industry favorite for decades!
  • Can't wait to try out My Amazing Blow Dry Secret!
  • Make it art fair-appropriate by going for an overall look that's easygoing yet still oh-so-chic!
  • A sexy look all set for the rock show!
  • Pretty fancy!

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Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor – Temptation
5 out of 5

Perfect lippie plus it's lightweight and super pigmented. I love really really love this lippie.

Vedette Purifying Peel-Off Mask
5 out of 5

Tried this already from the store, got excited that it's available here in bdj shop. What i really like with this product that is the effect and feeling of shredding-ish of your inpurities is very satisfying.

Oil of Argan Argan Oil + Green Tea Salt Scrubs
4 out of 5

I've tried this argan oil a month ago. It claimed what it has to claim. It makes skin smooth and refreshed especially after you spent a lot of times outside, if your exposed to dirt and pollution, this body scrub really cleanses the skin. It can also removes blemishes. It suites my skin.
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