Kat Dy

Once a fashion lover, always a fashion lover -BDJ Box Managing Editor, 'Kat Dy', started her journey as a fashion editor for a woman's magazine.

Barbi Chan

A makeup artist by heart and practice, she sees the many wonders of makeup. Her experience in the beauty industry proves her expertise.

Erica Paredes

Our experienced beauty editor, known as one of the most stylish women in Manila, Erica Paredes graces our BDJ Box's pool of editors.

Kate Alvarez

Magazine/newspaper editor and stylist turned model, musical theater actress, TV host and freelance writer - this was the journey of our beauty editor, Kate.

Nicole Romero

Formerly Cosmo Mag's beauty editor, Nicole now joins our experts. Be dazzled by her articles about beauty, fashion, and everything that falls in between!

Tara Cabullo

Keeping track of her beauty and fashion journey on Chronicles Of Vanity, Tara will share with us amazing topics about fashion, beauty, and lifestyle!

BDJ Box Beauty Ministry

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Let the BDJ Box Beauty Ministry inspire you with the daily skincare tips, makeup tips and beauty tips, from blog entries, editorial, photo and video tutorials to help you develop your own personal style! Count on getting the latest makeup tips and beauty tips every week from BDJ Box!

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