Get to know the BDJ Box Beauty Ministry!
Kate Alvarez
Managing Editor
Writer, editor, and commercial model, Kate is the curl ambassador of BDJBox. She brings a fresh and adventurous perspective on beauty, especially when it comes to curl-friendly hair products! Read about her travel adventures and quirky lifestyle at
Barbi Chan
A makeup artist by heart and practice, Barbi Chan sees the many wonders of makeup. Her experience in the beauty industry proves her expertise. She's been in and out of the country doing makeup for celebrities and personalities. She believes that it's not just about having good genes, but having the right perspective in using the right beauty products.
Erica Paredes
Our experienced beauty editor, known as one of the most stylish women in Manila, Erica Paredes graces our BDJ Box's pool of editors. With her years of experience as a writer and practitioner in the fields of fashion and beauty, she provides valuable know-how to our Beauty Ministry! Be amazed as she shares her beauty knowledge in her must-read articles about beauty and makeup trends.
Nicole Romero
Beauty expert Nicole Romero joins our pool of editors for the BDJBox Beauty Ministry! Nicole has studied how to do makeup professionally and spent years working as a beauty editor for several top magazines in the country including Cosmopolitan, Women’s Health, OK!, and Candy. Check out her new beauty blog at
Tara Cabullo
Keeping track of her beauty and fashion journey on Chronicles Of Vanity, Tara Cabullo will share with us amazing topics about fashion, beauty, and lifestyle! Our experimental editor who loves to try new things is now on board to be part of our Beauty Ministry! Expect great articles, reviews, and many more at!

Learn and share how to be beautiful with makeup and beauty products!

Want to know more tips on how to be beautiful and what makeup or beauty product to use? Check out the our BDJ Box Bellas' product reviews! Get feedback or how to tips for new and favorite products so you'll know which ones to try! Share your product reviews and give your fellow bellas makeup tips, beauty tips on which products to try and on how to be beautiful!

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